Messi-Nigeria v Argentina: Group F - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Ogbeni Lionel Messi So IDI Ti Iko Super Eagles Se Maa Le Fun Won Lati Koju

Olokiki agbaboolu Orile ede Argentina ti o je agba ninu awon agbaboolu ti egbe agbaboolu Barcelona ti gba wipe kikoju awon omo-iko super eagles yoo le fun awon beeni o si fi idi ti yoo fi le mule ninu iroyin yii:

Awon omo-iko agbaboolu Argentina ti a n pe ni Albiceleste yoo koju Super Eagles ni eekaarun nibi idije-boolu-agbaye ni ilu Russia lodun yii. Gege bi iwe-itan ti so fun wa, awon Argentina ti na Orile ede Nigeria l’emeerin ti Nigeria ti koju won nibi World Cup naa sugbon ninu ifesewonse ti won gba lodun 2017 ti Super Eagles si jawe olubori ni ami ayo merin si meji (4-2).

Ogbeni Messi pelu awon akegbe re ti bere sii gbaradi gidi gan-an ju ateyin wa lo fun Idije nla naa sugbon Messi so wipe awon ti won ko ti awon ninu group naa lagbara.

Ilumooka Messi ti o ti wa ni ibudo ti won ti n gbaradi fun Idije Nla naa.

Ni ede geesi, o wipe:

“We have to take it match by match,” Messi said in an interview with Pasión por el Fútbol.

“Starting off with a win is important because it’ll then make us calmer. It’s not an easy group. Iceland showed in the Euros that they can go up against anyone.

“Croatia has a very good midfield and if you let them, they’ll control the ball all match long. They have Spain’s style. And it always costs us when we play Nigeria.”

Messi je eni ti o ti gba Ami-eye Agbaboolu ti o dara julo lati owo ajo FIFA leemaarun tesiwaju lati so fun awon oniroyin wipe oun ko ri ara oun bii eni ti yoo fi egbe agbaboolu BARCELONA sile ni ojo-iwaju ni oke okun.

“It becomes more and more clear that Barcelona will be my only team in Europe. After that, I have always said I want to play football in Argentina, but I don’t know if it will happen. I have it in mind.

“I’d like to live it, be it for six months or a few matches but I don’t know. One never knows. My dream was to play for Newell’s as a kid, going to the matches with my dad, my brothers, friends… after that; circumstances in life took me elsewhere, but I still have that in mind.”

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