E Ma Gba Awon Dokita Nigeria Gbo Dele Ti O Ba Ti Oro Ilera – SADIQ DABA

Ogbountarigi Osere tiata, Sadiq Daba ti pariwo sita wipe bi awon onimo ero Nigeria se pe aisan ti o wa lara oun yato si nnkan ti awon oyinbo ri ni oke-okun.

Ogbeni Sadiq ti o ba awon oniroyin soro lori ero ayara bi-asa Facebook; so wipe Esi ayewo ilera ti oun se ni ilu oba (US) loun ti awon akosemose ti o gboye ninu iru aisan yen wipe ko si nnkan ti o jo aisan naa lara re ti o le mu ki o tan ka’le. Sadiq-Daba dupe gidigidi lowo awon omo Nigeria ati awon afenifere ti o ran oun lowo pelu adura ati itonisona. O fidi re mule wipe; Aisan naa ti o n se oun ti ni oogun, ko si gba ise abe gege bi awon Dokita Nigeria ti wi tele..

Gege bi o ti so ni ede geesi, O Wipe:

“Done with the Doctors this week. All the test results for my prostate cancer did not find spread. I was told in Nigeria that it had spread to other organs of my body. But all tests here by specialists came back negative, with regards to the spread. “I am profoundly grateful to Nigerians for giving me hope to live again. Nigerians saved my life: my family and I remain eternally grateful. “My cancer can be treated with drugs and injections. Also, the doctors, after tests for Leukemia, concluded that it is in remission. The Specialists placed me on drugs to help with the remission. I will see an oncologist on Monday; no need for an operation (surgery) to open me up. In Nigeria, I was told I needed surgery.

My brother na wa o. I am feeling like a sweepstakes winner”,



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